Bridging the Gap in Costa Rica

We recently were made aware of how our Mobile Tablet Lab (MTL) is helping children reach across continents to connect and learn more about each other. Students at the Linda Vista School in the remote Chilamate region of Costa Rica are using our MTL to exchange videos (shot and edited with the MTL!) with students at the Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn, NY. The assignment for both groups was to film and talk about signs of change in their neighborhoods and communities. This type of connection is creating a global relationship that would not be possible without these tools. Here at World Leadership Foundation, we are committed to addressing the “digital divide” – the line between those who have access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not. Our experience in developing communities is that this a growing part of the poverty equation worldwide, and is even experienced here in the U.S. Our MTL bridges this gap in an innovative and powerful way and helps us achieve our mission of unleashing the potential of global communities through technology, learning, and collaboration.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image