World Leadership Foundation processes approximately $100,000 in donations from students who travel with World Leadership School, a Colorado-based organization whose mission is to empower young leaders to find innovative solutions to the world’s pressing problems. These donations are spent on community projects at our overseas partner schools — see Community Projects. Because our board raises money to pay for World Leadership Foundation’s administrative expenses, 100 percent of all student donations are spent overseas on the target project.

A promising new focus of the foundation is TabLab, which provides tablet technology + teacher trainers to transform the world’s rural schools. Our mobile tablet lab is a fraction of the cost of a traditional computer lab and runs without electricity or internet. Our local teacher trainers support each TabLab school for two years. Our goal: leverage technology and teacher trainers to transform rural schools.

Dan and Kids

World Leadership Foundation was created in July, 2009, with the stated purpose of “supporting educational and community development projects, promoting global exchange between local participants and U.S. students, and empowering participating youth to create a positive change in their community.” We work with schools throughout the developing world as partners to help them improve their quality of education through improved infrastructure, teacher training and technology. We have funded the construction and renovation of classrooms, dining halls, play grounds, bathrooms, solar power systems and computer labs. Projects are chosen on the basis of need, merit, and the potential impact on the community.

The core values of World Leadership Foundation are:

    1. Embracing Cultural Differences
    2. Cultivating Leadership
    3. Building Trusting Relationships
    4. Finding High-Leverage Solutions
    5. Acting With Passion and Purpose

With these guiding values, we partner with communities around the globe to facilitate learning and collaboration. The board of World Leadership Foundation conducts ongoing fundraising efforts and periodic reviews of spending on projects and organizations overseas.