Our Partners

Chilamate_LogoChilamate Rainforest Eco-Retreat has long been a critical partner of World LeadershipFoundation by providing local support for WLF’s deployment of TabLab in the area.

Chilamate Rainforest Eco-Retreat was born out of the Megan Davis and Davis Azofeifa dream to work together on a project that would benefit the local community and also the critical  section of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor where Davis and his family have traditionally lived. Chilamate is one of the richest parts of Costa Rica in terms of biological diversity yet one of the poorest areas in Costa Rica by economic standards, in most part because of the giant banana and pineapple plantations that dominate the region and the generally low paying and dangerous jobs they offer as well as the influx of struggling Nicaraguan migrant workers they attract. You can find the the Eco-Retreat’s website here.