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“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
~Bill Gates

World Leadership Foundation’s mission is to partner with K-12 schools around the world to bring greater purpose to learning. Our vision is that K-12 education can, and should be, the ultimate platform for launching children into lives of purpose. World Leadership Foundation accomplishes its mission by partnering on school transformation efforts with schools across the Americas and also supporting our long-standing global school partners in 10 countries around the world.


LaFond, Haiti

World Leadership Foundation is partnering with the Méance family to help rebuild Lafond School, an elementary school that was completely destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake. After completion of the first classroom block, and a subsequent textbook campaign, World Leadership Foundation is now hoping to move ahead on more classrooms and a computer lab in the future.

Chilamate, Costa Rica

World Leadership Foundation, through a generous grant from the Canada-based Cloverleaf Foundation, is funding Los Exploradores, an experience-based learning program for 400 children from four local elementary schools. The program is designed to help children learn about, and preserve, the rain forest that surrounds them.


World Leadership Foundation has conceptualized and funded a mobile computer lab that uses inexpensive tablets – like the iPad – that are wirelessly linked to a laptop server. This ‘server’ functions as a miniature version of the Internet – including educational videos, software programs and hundreds of eBooks – where children can explore and learn. The lab allows schools without Internet, and even without electricity, to get plugged-in to the digital age.